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3 weeks ago

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Hi everyone, it’s that time of the year again where I do some reflecting, updating, and predicting.

To kick things off, a review of my predictions for 2019 which I posted a year ago on this blog!

(Also for reference, one of my 2018 predictions – Sebastian getting a 4x4 WR single with parity - came true!)

For 2020, here’s an assortment of less structured predictions, some are a lot safer than others.

Now to look back at the goals I set at the start of the year. Since 2015, I've now achieved just 4/10 of my quantifiable goals - these are definitely intended as stretch goals.

Goals for 2020 are as follows:

As many of you who may have been following the website for a few years may have seen, my activity and content development for the site reduced over this time – in 2017 it was very strong and consistent, in 2018 it was in burst periods, and in 2019 I was just posting blogs and staying up to date with comments and emails. This basically coincided with the amount of time I was able to devote to the site, but was also a function of how ‘complete’ I felt the site was. There has been plenty of innovation in cubing methods over the 3 years since this site was created, so next year I intend to conduct a thorough review of algorithms, tutorial content, and hopefully film some new videos. For premium members, I will be sticking to a strict twice a month schedule of example solve live streams, so get excited! I've announced the first stream on the front page and the livestreams tab. In the meantime, I'll also be streaming some casual solves and chat for quite a while tomorrow over on my twitch channel, starting from around 10am Melbourne time (31st of Dec).

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bhavagnya sharma

bhavagnya sharma Posted 3 weeks ago

great feliks


Sofia Nguyen

Sofia Nguyen Posted 3 weeks ago

"I have a long standing bet with a cuber that a sub 20 4x4 average will not be achieved by Euros 2020." Hum, I believe that the probability of it occurring has dropped significantly since you made that bet. ;)

Tom G

Tom G Posted 3 weeks ago

Hey Feliks,

I have a few questions for you. Firstly, how do you lubricate and setup your Gan XS? Secondly, what percentage of a megaminx solve should be your last layer? I find that my megaminx last layer takes up around 35% of my solve which seems like a lot because there are 12 sides on a megaminx.

Paul Lee

Paul Lee Posted 3 weeks ago

Hey Tom G,

As for setting up the Gan XS, LaZer0MonKey made a video on that featuring Feliks. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACugc5yGrE0&t=288s 
As for megaminx, I don't know for sure, but 35% still seems like a lot. Depending on how fast you are, you might want to consider two-look pll at least, and maybe two look oll. Hope this helps

Ahmad Akasha

Ahmad Akasha Posted 1 week ago

I REALLY like cheese, to be honest.. Hey feliks what is your favourite cheese type! Mines is strawberry jam without bits.

Helphy Lieby

Helphy Lieby Posted 5 days ago

Hi Feliks,

As I focus on square cubes,I wonder how to improve my hand speed.I think a good cube is also important.So can you introduce some good cubes to me?Thank you,Feliks

Tom Liew

Tom Liew Posted 5 days ago

Sir what did you think about the Gan 460?

Nguyen Phung Dung Anh

Nguyen Phung Dung Anh Posted 1 day ago

Hey Feliks,

In 2020, I want you to build a module about 2x2x2 and CLL.

Daniel MacMillan

Daniel MacMillan Posted 13 hours ago

I Agree with Nguyen. A 2x2 module would be awesome and honestly, since you have 3x3-7x7, I think it's about time to have 2x2.

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