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Recently Released


15th September 2017 - September Livestream posted

14th September 2017 - September Livestream held

14th September 2017 - Videos published on Youtube playlists

13th September 2017 - PDF added to Yau5 module

7th September 2017 - Yau5 tutorials posted

5th September 2017 - English captions added to 4LLL module

3rd September 2017 - Improving Turning Speed [blog] added

1st September 2017 - 5x5 Beginner Method PDF added 

31st August 2017 - English captions added to F2L module

27th August 2017 - LATAM Tour Blog [part 2] posted

24th August 2017 - August Livestream posted

23rd August 2017 - August Livestream held

23rd August 2017 - English captions added to 3x3 Module 3

22nd August 2017 - Beginner 5x5 tutorial module added

20th August 2017 - One Handed OLL Algorithms added


Upcoming Releases


This section shows the work we aim to release/have released this week. 

I will be overseas until the 17th of October, so no new tutorial videos will be released during this period. Email & comment replies and solve critiques may be slightly delayed.