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Recently Released


20th February 2018 - 4LLL PDF added to Intermediate Megaminx module

16th February 2018 - PLL + Parity Cases PDF added

12th February 2018 - Extended Cross Examples blog posted

11th February 2018 - COLL recognition videos posted

8th February 2018 - 2 Extras videos posted on the Youtube channel

4th February 2018 - Easy parity cases added to 'Other Algorithms' module

31st January 2018 - January Livestream held and posted

29th January 2018 - 5 more videos added to Advanced 3x3 Example Solves

26th January 2018 - New blog posted

25th January 2018 - 5 more videos added to Intermediate 3x3 Example Solves

23rd January 2018 - English captions added to Beyond Standard CFOP module

Upcoming Releases


This section shows the work we aim to release/have released this week. 

Beginner 6x6 and 7x7 tutorials filming and editing (Week ending February 25)

February Livestream (9am New York Time, February 24)

Megaminx 4LLL Alg Sheet (Week ending February 25)

Maybe more English Captions