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Recently Released


5th June 2017 - Big Cube PLLs added

4th June 2017 - Two short Extras videos posted on Youtube

3rd June 2017 - June Livestream (part 2) held and posted!

3rd June 2017 - Videos added to 3x3 modules (1) (2)

2nd June 2017 - June Livestream (part 1) held and posted!

2nd June 2017 - Useful F2L algorithms PDF added

30th May 2017 - Notification system added

28th May 2017 - An interview with the one and only Bill Wang! [blog]

28th May 2017 - Advanced 3x3 One Handed tutorials posted

27th May 2017 - Intermediate 3x3 One Handed tutorials posted

27th May 2017 - Beginner 3x3 One Handed tutorials posted

20th May 2017 - More Extended Cross Tips video added

19th May 2017 - Yau method supplementary PDF added 

18th May 2017 - OLL fingertrick videos posted 

17th May 2017 - A Couple of Comps [blog] posted

16th May 2017 - May Livestream held and posted!

12th May 2017 - 2 Extra videos posted on the YouTube channel

11th May 2017 - PDF added to Beginner 4x4 module 

10th May 2017 - More videos added to 4x4 modules (1) (2)




Upcoming Releases


This section shows the work we aim to release/have released this week. 

I am travelling and competing until the end of July, so there will be no new video tutorial content. I aim to release a few blogs over this period, and will continue to reply to comments and emails (but may be slightly delayed in doing so). 

Happy cubing!